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  • HeartWatch is developed by the same owners of the popular sleep app AutoSleep, so rest assured we know sleep! HeartWatch also integrates superbly with AutoSleep for those users with both apps installed

  • All your sleep stats will appear in the iPhone Wellness under the Sleep and Recharge tiles.

  • If you are using AutoSleep, then you DO NOT need to use this feature in HeartWatch. It is automatic.

Recording a Sleep

  • Select Sleep from the main menu. This will also disable high and low alerts and change the complication to display the time that you have been asleep (see tip below). A heart rate gauge will appear and measure your current pulse. Select Start when ready for to sleep

  • A view will appear with the current time and the sleep counter will begin. You are also able to optionally edit the start time of your sleep by touching the hour or minute and turning the crown. The blue timer below will recalculate the sleep duration

  • When you wake, press the Stop button. This will then display the Finish panel on your Watch. You are also able to edit the finish time. Touch the hour or minute and turn the crown. This will recalculate the sleep time and display it in the blue timer below. When finished, press Done and this will save your sleep data

  • The Watch app will then perform some calculations and update the gauge and heart rate for your sleep

  • For convenience, the Start button will now display Take Pulse for a period of one minute, as a shortcut to Pulse view, so that you can capture your Waking heart rate. To get an accurate waking pulse, you should remain in bed, close your eyes and relax while the pulse face takes its five measurements. Once finished, it will tap you

Tip - Ensure you have a complication for HeartWatch setup on your Watch face so that you can see the Sleep timer (refer to the Complication section below for details on setting up)

Cancelling a Sleep

If the duration of your sleep is less than five minutes, then the sleep session will not be saved. If you want to cancel a sleep recording then you can adjust the end time until the blue duration timer shows less than five minutes. Then press done.

Multiple Sleeps

If you wake during the night and decide that you want to do something else for a couple of hours, then you can end the current sleep session. Should you then decide that you want to go back to sleep after a short break then, you can start another sleep session. The recharge gauge and heart rate will take this into account and consolidate the readings.

Viewing Sleep Data

All your recorded sleeps from HeartWatch or AutoSleep will be displayed in the Sleep and Recharge tiles in the HeartWatch iPhone app. Refer to the Wellness page for more information on viewing this data. Also remember that Dashboards is great for viewing your sleeping trends.

Using the Apple Sleep App?

We setup a dedicated page here that helps explains the setup.

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