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Issues using the Apple Sleep App

The Apple Sleep app was introduced in iOS 14 in 2020, which focuses on creating good bedtime behaviours, but is basic in its sleep tracking.

There is a design flaw in Apple's Sleep app where it uses your iPhone for 'In Bed' and Watch for 'Asleep'. Consequently 'In Bed' is often wrong meaning your sleep metrics will be out and this will pull through into HeartWatch. The problem isn't with HeartWatch as it is just reading in the data from Health.

So if using the Apple Sleep app you need to make sure that your 'In Bed' time is properly recorded, as it is the Bedtime feature that writes this. As a solution there are 2 main options available that we will detail below:

  1. Use HeartWatch sleep tracking with updated settings (this is detailed below, or)

  2. Download a dedicated sleep tracking app, there are plenty on the market but we of course recommend using AutoSleep, our popular sleep tracking app.

  1. Using HeartWatch Sleep & Turning Off Apple Sleep Tracking

You can use HeartWatch and the Apple Sleep app together as they work completely independently, BUT you need to adjust some settings to make it work. This is in 2 parts where you need to disable some settings in the (1) Watch Settings and (2) Health App Settings. Steps for each are detailed below.

Step 1 - Watch Settings

  • Open the Watch Settings on your iPhone (its a Watch icon)

  • Select 'Sleep' from the list of apps

  • Toggle off 'Track Sleep with Apple Watch'.

  • If you still want to use the Apple wind down feature, make sure 'Turn On Automatically' is on. This will start the wind down. Otherwise turn off to not use the wind down

  • Remember for those with multiple Watches, to do this from the Watch you wear to bed. If you wear both Watches to bed, apply the same settings to both.

Tip - at the bottom of the Watch settings is a quick link called 'Open Sleep options in Health'. This directs you to the next step below - (2) Health App Settings.

Step 2 - Health App Settings

  • Open the the Health App on your iPhone (its a red heart icon)

  • Select Browse from the bottom menu and then 'Sleep' from the list of categories

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and select 'Options'

  • Toggle Off 'Track Time in Bed with iPhone'

  • As above make sure 'Turn On Automatically' is on if you still want to use the Apple Wind Down functionality, putting your devices into 'do not disturb' and so on. Note that this 'Turn On Automatically' option is linked between the Watch Settings and Health App Settings, that is, turning off/on in either screen will apply to the other.

How Do I Turn Off Apples Sleep App and Just Use HeartWatch Sleep

You can easily turn off the Apple Sleep app. It is similar to the steps above in the Watch Settings and Health Settings but we are going to disable all the options instead of just the select few. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Watch Settings App on your iPhone (its the app with an image Watch icon)

  • Select 'Sleep' from the list of apps

  • Toggle OFF all the options including 'Turn On Automatically', 'Show Time', 'Track Sleep with Apple Watch' and 'Charging Reminders'

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select 'Open Sleep Options in Health', this will redirect you to the Health app

  • Toggle OFF the 'Sleep Schedule' option

  • You have now disabled the Apple Sleep app. Remember for those with multiple Watches, to do this from the Watch you wear to bed. If you wear both Watches to bed, apply the same settings to both.

2. Install a Dedicated Sleep App

If the above is not your preferred option, an easier option to all this is to download and install the AutoSleep app, as using a dedicated sleep app will ensure your 'in bed' and 'asleep' times are accurate.

You can download AutoSleep here.

Got More Questions About Apples Sleep App?

A large number of HeartWatch users use AutoSleep for sleep tracking due to the advanced features, HeartWatch was designed to work flawlessly with it after all. So to assist users we built a AutoSleep and Apple Sleep app page to show all the common questions asked by users. It's worth a look if you still have questions.

The issue should now be resolved. If however you are still having issues, please reply to the original support email so we can assist if you have already logged an issue. If you need to raise a new issue, please contact us via the Support page or directly from within the HeartWatch app (recommended). There is a very good chance we can help you with your Watch problems and get everything working.

If you are new to HeartWatch or just beginning, we recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide, as it contains all the essential setup and workings of HeartWatch to make sure you have the app setup correctly and perform some basic functions.

The FAQ page contains all the common questions and answers in one place, including the 'Top 10 Most Popular Asked Questions' by all our users.