Using the Watch App - Speak Measurements

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  • Speak lets you use your voice to easily dictate measurements into the Apple Health database. Its as easy as speaking into your Watch, and the values will then appear in your iPhone. Measurement examples include:

    • Weight: Say "ninety two point five kilograms" or "two hundred and three pounds".

    • Blood Pressure: Say "one twenty over eighty".

    • Body Temperature: Say "ninety eight point six degrees" or "thirty seven degrees". This will auto determine Fahrenheit or Celsius.

    • Blood Sugar: Say "Sugar seventy" or "Sugar five point one". This will auto determine mg/dl or mmol/L.

    • Caffeine: Say "Fifty milligrams caffeine".

    • Body Fat: Say "fifteen percent".

    • Waist Size: Speak for waist size. e.g. "100cm" "37 inches"

    • SpO2: say "ninety seven percent blood oxygen" and it should recognise as a SpO2 measure

Using Speak

  • Tap on Speak from the menu to open the Speak view

  • Some examples appear showing what can be recorded. When ready to speak, tap the yellow button with the microphone icon in it

  • Speak into your Watch and the words will appear on the screen. When happy, select Done in the top right corner when finished

  • A confirmation message will show, select Add to record. Cancel will close the speak and not record the message

Speak Adds to Health App

  • All these spoken metrics will automatically populate your Apple Health app with the correct information

  • See below an example where I have recorded multiple weight entries via HeartWatch Speak. It simultaneously records the weight direct into my Health app, best viewed in Dashboard with overlapping trends via HeartWatch on my iPhone