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Like reading the news, weather and sport each day? Well HeartWatch News is the same concept but better, because its news all about your health! Explore the different News Editions to learn all about your progress and trends. Its health news - delivered differently!

Using News

Click on the News tab in the bottom navigation bar. You will be presented with different Editions to explore your health. Each of these editions are packed with stories all relating to your health.

Morning Briefing - wake up and read about the key health information to start your day, even recap on yesterdays heart news

Fitness Habits - explore anytime during the day to really understand your fitness progress

News Stories

News contains multiple stories (sections of information) presented with a graphic and description. These are packed with information!

Each story consists of a graphic that will show your trailing days as a trend line with an overall average, along with your current measurement. The text description will provide easy context on your current health measurement to your trends with a quick indicator on progress, such as "improving" or "a bit worse". See below an example using the blood oxygen SpO2 story, I can see my current measure, my average, my last 7 days trend and an indicator in one quick glance:

Story Pop-Up Panels

News is interactive, so you can tap on any story to open a pop-up panel to display more information. See below when I tap on SpO2 I am presented with some context and more options to explore my SpO2 in detail at the bottom. This is how each of the stories work where you can tap on any to view the pop-up panel.

Story Panel Explore

Once you tap on a story and open the pop-up panel view, you will notice options at the bottom to explore your health metric in more information:

Show Today's Detail - this will navigate to the Today record in detail for that specific metric and date. Refer to the Wellness page for more information on understanding this view.

Explore 6W Trends - this will pre-load your metric directly into the Dashboards view, applying a 6 week time range and a 7 day trend line. This is a fantastic way to explore your trends over a longer period of time.

3M / 6M / 9M / 12M - similar to the above 6 weeks trend button, these are a shortcut options to explore your trends. Any of these buttons will load the Dashboards view with a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month time range depending on the selection.

Learn more about the amazing Dashboards feature here, its packed with amazing functions to explore over 30 health metrics!

Story Panel Detail Views

While in the Story Panel view, you can tap the centre badge showing your information to redirect to the Detail view for that health metric. Additionally, you can swipe the tile to display the gauge view (see below). This is helpful for understanding your current value against your 7 day or 21 day average. This swipe function also exists on the Today tab for all the tiles in Wellness and Activity.

Journal Link in News

While reading the Morning Briefing we have inserted a shortcut to the Journal in the top right corner, it has a little notepad and pen icon. Sometimes you might be reading your health news and remember a measurement or note you wish to record, well this is the link to press. See below:

Add/Remove Stories

You may not require all the stories to show due to the data not being captured or you have no need to monitor. If this is the case we added an option to allow stories to be added or removed from the News. While in Morning Briefing, scroll to the bottom and click on 'Add/Remove Stories':

The entire stories list will show. Tap on any story you wish to turn on or off. The Story Panel pop-up will appear with a toggle at the bottom. If you see a tick next to the story, it will show in the News. See below an example where I have turned on 'Restfulness', the green toggle is on and a tick shows in the list view. Apply the same to any other story.

Refer to the Morning Briefing page to learn more.

Refer to the Fitness Habits page to learn more.

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