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Using News

News contains multiple stories (sections of information) presented with graphics and description. These are packed with information! To learn more about navigating your way around your health insights, refer to the News page.

Morning Briefing

Best viewed after you wake up and the coffee is brewing. It contains all your vital health information in a glance, with a focus on your heart during your sleep and waking. The Morning Briefing also provides a summary of yesterday, so you can quickly understand all your key health information where you finished the day before starting a new one.

The Morning Briefing is split into stories, containing stories on your sleep duration, sleeping heart rate (bpm), restfulness, respiration rate (BrPM), sleep blood oxygen (SpO2) and sleep heart rate variability (HRV). Tap on any story to see more information about what each means.

On Waking

Scroll down the briefing some more and you will find the On Waking stories, all about health in your waking window from sleep. These stories include your waking pulse (bpm), waking heart rate variability (HRV) and if you capture your blood pressure and blood glucose first thing in the morning, these will also show.

If you do not capture the data, the story will show that data does not exist and a tip for how to capture it using the Speak function on the HeartWatch Watch app (see image below). Remember that HeartWatch reads the data from Apple Health, so it needs to exist in here for it to show. If you are using an external device like a blood pressure monitor, be sure that it syncs with Apple Health to see the data in the News, or use the Speak function to enter the data directly into HeartWatch.

Yesterday's Recap

Scroll down the Morning Briefing to find a great summary of yesterday. This includes your sedentary heartrate, daily blood oxygen, weight, move and steps. As with all the stories, you can tap on any to explore your health information in more detail.

Add/Remove Stories

You may not require all the stories to show due to the data not being captured or you have no need to monitor. If this is the case we added an option to allow stories to be added or removed from the News. While in Morning Briefing, scroll to the bottom and click on 'Add/Remove Stories':

The entire stories list will show. Tap on any story you wish to turn on or off. The Story Panel pop-up will appear with a toggle at the bottom. If you see a tick next to the story, it will show in the News. See below an example where I have turned on 'Restfulness', the green toggle is on and a tick shows in the list view. Apply the same to any other story.

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