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HeartWatch Version 4.1.1 (Minor Update)

(Don't forget to accept the new Health Permissions on update)

  • Minor fixes and tidy ups

  • Contains a fix for HealthKit index problem that was impacting a small number of users. Please perform a rebuild of your history by going into Settings (red cog), tap on Advanced Settings then tap on Rebuild History

HeartWatch Version 4.1 (Major Update)

Heart Foundation Partnership

  • Exciting new partnership with the Heart Foundation, utilising the wealth of experience and knowledge available to be the only dedicated Apple Watch heart rate app partnered with an official heart organisation

  • Update HeartWatch app icon and branding to reflect the new partnership

HeartWatch News

  • A unique way to view your health news. News button added to a new bottom navigation panel. Select from different Editions including:

- Morning Briefing

-Fitness Habits

-Health Report

  • Added metric info and explore panel when you touch a story

  • Fitness Streaks and Achievements added to fitness story panels

  • Quick link to the new Journal in the top right corner

  • Refer to News for more information

New Information Tiles

  • Added new SpO2 Sleep & SpO2 Daily in calendar, dashboard and tiles

  • Added new Sleep Time and Restfulness in calendar, dashboard and tiles

  • Added new Waking and Daily Blood Glucose in calendar, dashboard and tiles

  • Revised Today Tile order to better reflect the workflow

  • Refer to Wellness for more information on each of these


  • Detailed ECG graph with interactive view

  • ECG Basics overview explanation

  • Added new ECG tile

New Metrics

  • Added Body fat, Lean Mass, Fat Mass, Waist size in calendar.

  • Added "use Inches instead of cm" in Units of Measure

  • Track all these new measures in Dashboards

Journals & Notes

  • Moved notes to a brand new Journal tab in the bottom navigation menu bar

  • Improved list view with a complete view of all key notes, measurements and workouts, including new icons

  • You can now add/delete/edit measurements directly from the iPhone app from with the Journal tab (previously this was via the Watch only). Includes blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, weight, waist circumference, body fat percent. Ability to select today or a historical date for measurements entry

  • Day headings will allow you to switch to the selected today tab for that day. This is a very important feature for many people. When you change the day on the today tab, the journal will also scroll to that position.

  • Today view tiles will now auto refresh after a new measurement is taken

Detail Graphs

Watch Speak

  • Added speak for waist size, e.g. say "100cm" or "37 inches"

  • Added speak for body fat perfect, e.g. say "20.5 percent"


  • New '%Elevated' graph, showing the % of sedentary heart rate that is elevated. Extremely useful dashboard for a number of users

  • Calendar dashboard now shows notes on the background layer when selecting a day.

Activity Smart Goals

  • Representation of rings in Today & Calendar to match habit based goals if selected

  • New advanced logic for activity goals


  • New activities linked including disc sports, cooldown, hand cycling, fitness gaming, barre, cardio dance, social dance, pickleball and tai chi

  • Allowed edit of manual distance for indoor cycling workouts


  • Added all the new metrics to the Summary Export. Note Sleep Glucose only shows if you have an active Sleep Glucose tile or News story)


  • Improved history building performance, should take under 1 minute now


  • Updates to the white theme


  • Updated website with functionality instructions and more frequently asked questions

Bug Fixes & Maintenance

  • Various fixed for HealthKit issues and some translation format problems

  • Support for older smaller screen phones

  • Fixed average bpm in daily tile to better cater for streaming

  • Lots of cosmetic tidy ups

  • Various minor aesthetic issues fixed

HeartWatch Version 4.0.6 (Previous Version)

  • New User Guide - lists all the functions and links for using HeartWatch. Accessed via the Settings cog in HeartWatch.

  • New Quick Start Guide - new to HeartWatch and want to learn the essentials, then this is the place to start. Also accessed via the Settings cog in HeartWatch.

  • Support for new devices.

  • Fix for date selection on exports due to iOS14.

HeartWatch Version 4.0.4 (Previous Version)

  • Minor update for Japanese alert notifications

  • Minor fixes

HeartWatch Version 4.0.3 (Previous Version)

  • Support for Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Russian, Portuguese & Swedish languages

  • Take Pulse will now take 5 readings for even better accuracy

  • New settings quick link icon to configure tiles in Wellness & Activity section headings

  • Info view for tiles that have no data that use the Watch 'speak' function

  • Wellness daily heart rate zones updated to %

  • Workout start & finish now includes seconds

  • Revised blood pressure ratings table

  • Revised star ratings for recovery bpm based on age and gender

  • Daily tile now shows the wakeful heart rate readings (for better context, added a greyed plot of sleep bpm readings to the Daily View graph with a new icon designating sleep)

  • Sleep tile now excludes any heart rate data from wakeful periods

  • GPS support for Hiking

  • Extra export fields added (including weight)

  • Detail exports now allow for a date range

  • Various fixes

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