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It goes without saying that your heart rate data will be more insightful with some context behind it. HeartWatch Journal gives you the ability to record notes and measurements anytime during the day or night, tagging it with actual heart rate readings and displaying in a dedicated Notes feature.

Opening the Journal

Journal & Notes can be found in the bottom Navigation bar by tapping the Journal tab (see below). This will show all notes entered from the Watch or those entered directly into the iPhone using HeartWatch for that day.

The Journal is primarily used for recording (1) notes and journals and (2) measurements on your vitals, such as weight and blood pressure. Any recording will then show in a running list view to allow you to easily see your history over time or navigate to the information you need.

The Journal shortcut link to create a new entry is located in the top right corner if you are on the Today screen or Journal screen. As seen below, its looks like a little pen and paper icon:

Entering New Journals

There are 2 main options for entering notes:

  1. Watch Notes - these are notes recorded with your Apple Watch using HeartWatch. You can speak notes, scribble the notes, or even use emojis. Its setup specially for easy Watch based note taking. Refer to Watch Use for entering notes from your Apple Watch

  2. Daily Journal - this is entered from your iPhone, using all the common features available in your iPhone.

A Daily Journal feature is available to capture any ad-hoc notes for any day on your iPhone. Simply select the day you wish to record the journal for and tap on the notepad icon in the top right corner, the Daily Journal will appear (see below). Feel free to record as many notes as you like during the day. You can edit the journal by tapping on the yellow notepad in the middle of the screen.

Tip - when in the Daily Journal, use the in-built time shortcut to stamp the time to the note. The microphone icon is also very handy for speaking notes into the phone. Remember to hit 'Save' to record your notes.

New Note - Using the Watch

Refer to the Watch Use section for instructions on recording notes using your Apple Watch. We highly recommend learning how to take notes and measurements from the Watch app, as seen in images below as it so convenient, you can press and hold from anywhere in the Watch app and easily record a note by speaking, scribbling text or using emojis. No need to grab your iPhone!

Entering New Measurements

Measurements can be recorded in HeartWatch and tracked over time, including blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, weight, waist circumference and body fat percent.

There are 2 main options for entering measurements:

  1. Watch Recorded Metrics - you can speak the measurement into the HeartWatch Watch app, such as "79.6 kilograms" for weight. Refer to the Watch Speak page for information on this

  2. iPhone Recorded Metrics - go into the Journal tab and click on the 'new note' icon in the top right corner. Todays date will appear which you can backdate, then tap on 'Add a Measure':

Notes List View

Once you have some notes starting to be recorded in HeartWatch, you can easily start to view them. Tap on the Journal tab in the bottom navigation bar to see a list view of all your notes, measurements and workouts in chronological order. A one line summary will display for each note, which can be tapped for more information or to edit.

If you wish to delete a note or measurement, swipe right to left on the line and a confirm to delete will appear. Remember that this will remove the record so be careful. Workouts cannot be deleted, only notes and measurements that were originally setup using HeartWatch.

Another great feature is being able to navigate to a specific day from the list of notes. You can tap on the Date Heading in the list view and this will redirect you to that day in the Today view. See below the example where if I tap on 'Sunday, 11 July" it will take me to that date where I can look at all my health information for that day.

Tip - When you change the day on the today tab and then open the Journal, the journal will also automatically scroll to that date position!

The list view allows you too easily scroll through all your notes, as it will categorise notes with an icon to identify if it was taken during workouts, heart/pulse readings, ECG, body measurements or journal entries (see below some of the different icons). You then tap a note to view more detail or edit, with extra links to follow to the actual record. For example, I can easily follow my workout note below on the 2 January all the way to the actual workout.

Tip - you can use the Exports feature in Settings to extract all your recorded notes over a time period. This is handy for users requiring to show their data to other people.

Notes Search & Filter

Within the list view is also the ability to search and filter the notes on key words. At the top simply type in the words to filter by and the list will filter to those matches. For example below, I like to see my heart rate whenever I do some key exercises, so I record the keyword "bench" on my Watch and now I can easily see all my bench notes. Another good one might be ECG to filter all my ECG recordings.

Notes Graph View

For a detailed view of your notes during the day, they will also be shown in the Daily, Sedentary and Sleep views when looking at the graphs. See below the example where all notes are tagged with a box outline in the graph, with the text seen next to the actual time and heart rate reading.

Notes ECGs

Recently added in the latest version, any ECGs you take using your Apple Watch will also automatically create a note:

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