Using the Watch App

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We believe Watch apps should be as good as (or better) than the iPhone app, its the reason we all purchase an Apple Watch in the first place! The HeartWatch Watch app ensures users can easily find, access and capture all the key pieces of information directly from their wrist. Capture your pulse, see your heart rate trends, setup alerts, enter voice activated notes, record a workout and view your daily forecasts to name but a few... it's the heart monitoring Watch app we all wanted, now we have it.

HeartWatch Menu

The main menu when you open HeartWatch on your Watch has been designed to be informative from a glance, but also easily allow users to drill into specific items. The menu includes the following functions, which have been split into their own page to make it easier to learn each.

Watch Use - Pulse: how to take your pulse and track your daily and sedentary heart rates

Watch Use - Activity: tracking your move and steps goals, viewing now and today forecasts

Watch Use - Workouts: using the Watch for exercising

Watch Use - Sleep: monitoring your sleep if wearing your Watch to bed

Watch Use - Speak: using voice commands to enter health measurements, like your weight

Watch Use - Settings & Alerts: setting up alerts, complications and other settings from your Watch app

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