HeartWatch is fantastic for so many insights its sometimes hard to know where to start! So with the help of our loyal customers happy to share some insights, our team put our heads (and hearts) together to provide a collection of real-life scenarios to show a snippet of how HeartWatch can be used. From hangovers to catching a cold to smashing it in the gym, there is a HeartWatch view for most aspects of life.

User Scenarios

New Medications

"The doctor prescribed some new medications and asked me to keep an eye on my heartrate over the coming weeks. Im taking a reading and making comments each time I take the medication, plus tracking my pulse during the day"

Use HeartWatch to setup alerts on your Watch and make notes any time of the day. HeartWatch will alert you based on your heartrate settings and you can then speak into the Watch to record a note which will also stamp the time and heartrate reading. All comments and measures are then accessible via your iPhone in Notes, which you can easily show to your doctor or email an export:

Instructions for taking your pulse and notes in Watch Use

The Hangover

"It was a great wedding party and the wine was so good, but oh my I had too many and feel terrible today!"

We all know alcohol is not good for your health, but have you ever seen the data behind it! On the Today view, flip all tiles and compare your current readings to your 21 day averages. See the impacts of too much booze to your sleep heart rate (up 41%), sedentary heart rate (up 10%), recharge (down 14%), basically everything well below average. Unfortunately HeartWatch is unable to cure hangovers, but seeing the impacts helps you manage your health in a new light.

Instructions for swiping tiles can be found in Navigation

I Think I'm Getting Sick

"I'm a little off today, not sure if I'm catching a cold.... I monitor my HRV and Waking Pulse so its helpful to try predict any coming illness"

Using HeartWatch HRV is a non-invasive way to figure out whats happening in your body, as it is sensitive to your stress and physical energy levels. A lot of our users measure their HRV from the Apple Watch and use HeartWatch to monitor your daily state and changes, one user reports he may jump on the vitamins when things are looking like turning for the worse to try get a step ahead. But of course HRV is a big area and relies on interpretations, so be sure to read up on its application or consult a medical professional. Use the HRV tile on the Today view to track your measures.

Instructions for using HRV can be found in Wellness

Stressful Day at Work

"I have 1000 things to do! I feel more stressed than ever before, but today I noticed sitting in a quiet place for 20mins helped to calm down".

Use HeartWatch Daily heartrates on your Watch to monitor your pulse throughout the day, as it shows a rolling 3 hr graph direct from your Watch. See the example below where sitting in a quiet space dropped the heart rate 15-20 bpm, also tagged with a note. To view a detailed view of the whole day just go to the iPhone HeartWatch Today view and tap on Daily.

Instructions for Daily heartrates can be found in Wellness and Watch Use

Its Activity Rings - Only Better!

"While travelling I clocked up some serious steps, distance and calories, I was exhausted! Apple rings was telling me to keep pushing for the same goals each day, but HeartWatch started to decrease my targets as my habit was ahead of the curve due to my big days, this is so awesome".

Thats correct, depending on your goal level, the HeartWatch activity models will look at your past and current trends and prescribe the appropriate zone, as decreasing your targets may be required to make sure you still improve your habit, but don't try break yourself every day. Follow your improvement zone by drilling into each of your activity tiles, or simply swipe the tiles from the Today view.

Instructions for goals and zones can be found in Activity

Body Temperature Checking

"In this current climate, its been really handy to monitor my body temperature over a period of time, previously I would always forget my past temperature readings. This way I just take the temperature and speak it into my watch"

Using a thermometer to take your body temperature, simply open the Speak option on the HeartWatch Watch app, it recognises your voice commands as a body temperature measure and puts it directly into your Health app.

Instructions for body temperature can be found in Wellness

Exhausted After Workouts

"Why is my body aching all over, that workout has never felt this hard".

Use HeartWatch to monitor your fatigue levels. Using the Load metric, go into Dashboards and apply a 7 day trend over a 6 week period. A high Load trend line is a great indicator for showing your fatigue. See below the white 7 day trend line where the fatigue was at its highest after higher intensive workouts:

Instructions using Load trends can be found in Dashboards

My Own Heart Journal

"While visiting my Doctor for a check up she asked if I had recorded any notes on paper, I opened HeartWatch and showed her my entire history in 1 tap".

The whole intention of Notes in HeartWatch is to create your very own heart journal, to easily capture records from your Watch but also with the ability to easily share them. Just tap on Notes from the Today view and all your recorded metrics and journal entries will appear. You can even take it to the next step and export your data in Settings.

Instructions recording journals can be found in Notes

Its Like a Heart Rate Video

"I go for a walk with my Dad two times a week to help keep him active and catchup, we both use Apple Watches. At the end of the walk we sit down and watch the GPS play-back feature on HeartWatch of our heart rates, its like a movie reward for our exercise as we compare heart rates at certain points in the walk, especially the big hill".

You can perform an automated playback for any GPS enabled exercise. Just drill into the workout, open the GPS map and you will see a yellow 'play' button at the bottom of the screen. Tap this and watch your session unfold, viewing your heart rate, pace, distance or altitude.

Instructions for GPS playbacks are in Workouts

Trying a New Activity & Losing Weight

"I started doing additional indoor bike sessions and find my body is really responding by losing weight. Use HeartWatch to compare a specific activity to your weight recordings".

Go into Dashboards and select the Workouts category and Energy as the sub category. You can then filter one or multiple activities via the filter option, in this case I selected only 'Cycling Indoor'. I then apply a 7 day trend and touch to lock the line (see pink line below), which allows me to go and select another trend line to overlap. Go to the Body category and select Weight as the sub category, this will overlap weight (white line below) with the indoor cycle energy expenditure, showing that when I increase my calories on the indoor bike, I also trend down in losing weight. You can use HeartWatch to monitor all sorts of change-ups to your daily lifestyle.

Instructions using comparing trends can be found in Dashboards

Cardiovascular Health with Recovery

"I had some heart issues a few years ago. I'm back into normal exercise now and monitoring my heart rate recovery for 2 minutes straight after exercise but need to see the measurements in detail".

Use HeartWatch Recovery on the watch app to measure your recovery after each workout, then track in Workouts on your iPhone in detail. Go into the Workout entry where you recorded the 2 minute recovery, find the heart rate graph and scroll to the far right where can see the light grey recovery zone at the end of the session and your recovery heart rate can be viewed in detail with the total.

Instructions using recovery can be found Watch Use and Workouts

Am I Getting Fitter?

"Am I actually getting fitter or is it just that green smoothie?"

Hint, its probably not the smoothie. Use HeartWatch to track your fitness based on sport science. Using the Load metric, go into Dashboards and apply a 21 day trend over a 9 month period. An increasing Load trend line is a good marker for increasing fitness, a decreasing trend line and it's the opposite and time to get moving again. See below where fitness was at its peak, the higher the white trend line, the higher my fitness:

Instructions using Load can be found Workouts

Using GPS Maps as a Travel Diary

"When I travel to new places I love a big walk or run to explore. I've found HeartWatch maps doubles as an awesome travel app by coincidence"!

Thats correct, we did this by accident but have found users love the map views that you can refer back to after travelling, especially when in flyover mode. Find a workout where you used GPS, like an outdoor walk, drill into the location and use the GPS controls to zoom in, out and around. Check out a walk around the Sydney CBD:

Instructions using GPS can be found Workouts

Planning For Tomorrow

"I'm trying to be good getting out and exercising each day, but I was a little lost in what to do tomorrow until I found the tomorrow forecast"

Along with providing a today forecast direct from your Watch and alerts, HeartWatch uses your trends to forecast what tomorrow looks like for you. So its super handy if you were planning a gym session, a walk, or even a more relaxed day. Just tap on the Today's Forecast tile on the Today view and it will flip to show you Tomorrows Forecast! Note that this will update during the day, so checking it in the evening before bed is usually the best indicator after a full days activity.

Instructions using forecasts can be found in Activity

Other Examples?

We love hearing stories from our users as your heart is unique to you, please refer to our Support page if you wish to share any scenarios you have experienced.

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