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Put plain and simply, apps should be easy to use! HeartWatch follows this principle with a complete revamped workflow to allow users to find what you need, easily and without fuss. We even tested it with our 96 year old grandfather and he flew around it no trouble (once he found his glasses of course)

Navigation Bar

When you open HeartWatch you will notice a Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen. The two options available are 'Today' and 'News'.

  • Today contains information about your wellness, activity and workouts.

  • News allows you to read all about your past, current and future health trends.

  • Journal records all your notes in one easy place.

Today Tab

Upon opening, HeartWatch displays a simple glanceable Today view that lets you quickly see how your heart is doing for different types of events on a specific day. The Today view is the HeartWatch home, its where you can easily navigate to other parts of the app. Our aim was for users to be able to open HeartWatch and see all their powerful heart metrics in one easy view, using the iPhone or Apple Watch. This is HeartWatch in its simplest form, but it has a lot of features under the hood to satisfy even the data scientists among us.

As seen in the above images, HeartWatch is organised by showing your heart information via tiles, which look like small rectangles. These tiles are grouped into sections on the Today view, including Wellness, Activity, Workouts and Notes, to make it nice and easy to see a broad summary, but then allow you to swipe, tap and touch/hold into the finer details. You can also use the HeartWatch Tiles option in Settings to pick which tiles you would like to see on the Today view. For navigating the Watch app, refer to Watch Use for instructions.

News Tab

Explore all the different Editions about your health by tapping on 'News' in the bottom navigation bar. News presents your health information in a truely unique format. Refer to the News page to learn about this exciting concept.

Journal Tab

Record journal notes any time of the day, tag notes while checking your pulse, see your ECG results or even speak notes during exercising, its all in the Journals tab. Refer to the Notes page for more information.


HeartWatch tiles can be swiped to display additional information. Users can use one finger on any tile to swipe left or right which will flip the tile. As you can see in this example below, I have swiped the tile to reveal a gauge tile and can view extra information. I can swipe back at any time or tap the all tile flip found in the top right (see below).


HeartWatch tiles can be tapped to drill into more information or activate a key function. Users can use one finger to tap any tile. As you can see in the example below, I have tapped on the Daily tile, which has drilled into my Daily heart rate view for the day. Refer to the Wellness section to explore these tiles in detail.

Touch and Hold

HeartWatch tiles can be touched and held to open additional information. By using a single finger, hold the touch on the screen for one second to trigger the action (also referred to as a force press). As seen in the example below, when I touch and hold the Daily tile it opens the Dashboards view, pre-loading and presenting all my Daily heart rate data and trends. Refer to Dashboards for information on exploring your trends.

Viewing Your History

At the top of the screen you will see the trailing 7 days available to be tapped to view that days information (see image below). This makes it super easy to access days from the current week, but also quickly see how you are tracking for the week. You can also swipe the calendar banner left or right to keep scrolling the dates backwards or forwards.

A calendar icon is also accessible in the top left corner. Tapping this will open the Dashboards view with a full calendar to select from. Scroll up or down and tap on any date. A tile will appear with the option to navigate to that record. Example below.

Refreshing Data

Your Apple Watch syncs data to your paired iPhone at various times during the day, but rather than wait for these syncs, HeartWatch allows a force sync that lets you get to the second information from your Watch. When on the Today view, just do a long swipe/pull down and hold and you will see some text appear with 'Release to Refresh', it may also prompt you pull down harder if required. Once you release your finger you will see the HeartWatch logo to indicate a refresh is in progress:

Another option to refresh can be found at every section on the Today view. A refresh 'circle-like' arrow icon can be tapped to refresh the data. This will refresh all HeartWatch data, not just that section. This is handy to refresh and stay in the same spot on the screen. The refresh icon can be seen below:

Turning Tiles On & Off

If you have some Tiles that you seldom use, you can easily turn these off by going to Settings and tapping on the HeartWatch Tiles option. Any tiles with a tick will show, those without will be hidden, it's that easy.

A shortcut to the Tiles On & Off has also been placed in the Wellness and Activity sections too, tap on this to edit your tiles:

Watch Navigation

A lot of functionality is packed into the HeartWatch Watch app. Refer to Watch Use for instructions on Watch navigation.

Viewing Website on an iPad

There is a lot of great information in this website, so we wanted to suggest to users that if you have an iPad available, you can AirDrop this website link easily to your iPad. That way you can experiment using HeartWatch on your iPhone and Watch, while reading from the iPad. See below the buttons to press (in circles) when viewing from your iPhone. Once you select AirDrop all your devices should show.

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