Health Permissions

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Not Seeing Any Data?

This is due to some health permissions that have not been granted. This is more common in Watch OS6 but can also happen in app updates if your iPhone does not apply the new health permissions correctly (or users accidentally skip the step). Its an easy fix following these steps:

1. Go into the iPhone Settings app on your iPhone. Choose Privacy, Health. Press HeartWatch and then press all categories off.

2. Power the iPhone off and on as per this link. (i.e. shut the iPhone down completely so that it restarts with the ๏ฃฟ on screen).

3. Power the Watch off and on as per this link.

4. Now in iPhone go to Settings, Privacy, Health, HeartWatch press all categories on. Make sure that all the switches are turned on

6. Now go into HeartWatch iPhone app

7. Press the little Settings Cog on the top row (image below)

8. Select Advanced Settings (image below)

9. Select Rebuild History (image below). A red heart will appear and days will start to pre-fill. Note this may take a couple minutes as it loads up 12 months of data.

Permissions Video

Here is a Health Permissions video which shows the main steps.

Permissions All Fine But Still No Data

Health permissions all setup but still no data? There are a number of settings to check, refer to this page for information detailing all the steps

Missing Health Data Since Updating to iOS 14

Apple reported a bug in iOS 14 that was impacting some users health data. This has since been fixed in the iOS14.2 update. We suggest updating to the most current iOS version if you are experiencing a similar issue and are still on iOS 14.0

iOS 15 Issue Only: I do not see any health permissions in iPhone settings for HeartWatch

Some customers have discovered a bug in iOS 15's health permission sheet after updating their iPhone.

Try this method instead:

1. Go into Apple Health app on iPhone. It has a white icon with a red heart.

2. Select Sharing tab.

3. Scroll down and select Apps.

4. Select HeartWatch.

You can now manage permissions.

Repeated Health Permissions

This may be related to a legacy health permission issue. Ensure you have the current HeartWatch version installed onto the iPhone and also the Watch, then open each app on both the iPhone and the Watch and this should solve it. If still no luck, it may be a corrupt Health record, contact support from within the app and we can offer some additional steps to try.

The issue should now be resolved. If however you are still having issues, please reply to the original support email so we can assist if you have already logged an issue. If you need to raise a new issue, please contact us via the Support page or directly from within the HeartWatch app (recommended). There is a very good chance we can help you with your Watch problems and get everything working.

If you are new to HeartWatch or just beginning, we recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide, as it contains all the essential setup and workings of HeartWatch to make sure you have the app setup correctly and perform some basic functions.

The FAQ page contains all the common questions and answers in one place, including the 'Top 10 Most Popular Asked Questions' by all our users.