Not Seeing Data

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Not Seeing Any Data or Watch App not Working

There are two mains reasons for errors.

Firstly, these are either Watch / iPhone Settings Issues:

  1. Is bluetooth turned on? Some people accidentally turn it off. Itโ€™s easy to do.

  2. Are either of the devices in flight mode?

  3. Did the Watch go into low power mode (< 10% battery)?

  4. Do you have a passcode on your Watch? This is required for background heart rate data so needs to be unlocked while wearing.

  5. In Passcode in the Apple Watch settings app have you turned on Wrist Detection? This is required for background heart rate.

  6. In Privacy in the Apple Watch settings app, both Heart Rate & Fitness Tracking need to be turned on.

  7. Do you have a prominent wrist tattoo?

Or secondly, Apple's iPhone & Watch software gets more complicated all the time and therefore has more scope for possible problems & bugs. This especially common after an iOS or WatchOS update.

1. You can fix so many problems simply by "turning it off and on".

2. Power the iPhone and Watch off and on as per these links.

i.e. Shut down completely and restart.



That usually fixes it. Otherwise the problem is usually due to health permissions. It may look like you have granted all health permissions but sometimes iOS just decides to ignore this.

To reset Health permissions and iOS and Watch health services and ensure everything works on the watch going forward, please perform these 7 steps. It is important to do all steps in this exact order especially steps 3 & 4 as this restarts the crashed system services on your iPhone and Watch.

  1. Remove the app from your Apple Watch by going into the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ app, on your iPhone scroll down until you find HeartWatch and then remove it.

  2. Go into the iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health. Press HeartWatch and then press all categories off.

  3. Power the iPhone off and on as per this link. (i.e. Shut the iPhone down completely so that it restarts with the ๏ฃฟ on screen).

  4. Power the Watch off and on as per this link.

  5. Go into the iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health. Press HeartWatch and then press all categories on. MAKE SURE THAT ALL SWITCHES ARE TURNED ON.

  6. Now go into HeartWatch iPhone app and this should restore all permissions

  7. Wait 5 minutes and then Install the watch app (using the Apple โ€œWatchโ€ app if required).

Last chance saloon. If you get to here then it means the app has not been correctly installed.

Itโ€™s very important to perform all these steps in the exact order.

***Especially 2 & 3 are these cause crashed OS services to restart.***

  1. Delete the HeartWatch iPhone app. In iOS14 you can do this by 'tap and holding' your home screen until you see the apps wiggle, tap on the app to delete. It will confirm that data will remain in Health and you can press ok

  2. Power the iPhone off and on. i.e. Completely off and then back on as per this link.

  3. Power the Watch off and on.

  4. Download the HeartWatch iPhone app again.

  5. Start the HeartWatch iPhone app and go through the setup process carefully accepting permissions. MAKE SURE THAT ALL SWITCHES ARE TURNED ON when asked about health permissions.

  6. After about 5 minutes, install the Apple Watch app (if required).

The issue should now be resolved. If however you are still having issues, please reply to the original support email you sent so we can assist if you have already logged an issue. If you need to raise a new issue, please contact us via the Support page or directly from within the HeartWatch app (recommended). There is a very good chance we can help you with your Watch problems and get everything working.

If you are new to HeartWatch or just beginning, we recommend reviewing the Quick Start Guide, as it contains all the essential setup and workings of HeartWatch to make sure you have the app setup correctly and perform some basic functions.

The FAQ page contains all the common questions and answers in one place, including the 'Top 10 Most Popular Asked Questions' by all our users.