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Just got a new iPhone and iPhone app is crashing?

If you restored the new iPhone via an iCloud backup instead of iTunes then this has a minor problem in that they forgot to apply heath permissions via this method. 

If you delete the app (note it gives two prompts, say Yes to the first and Keep to the second) then re-download it will be fine. 

Too many haptic alerts when using live Pulse on the Pulse Face in HeartWatch 3.5.1?

Oops! The update (3.5.2) to fix this is now on the App Store. You can solve by going into app and holding the side button until you see the menu appear. Then let go and hold the crown. Sorry about this one!

iPhone App Crashing on Start after iOS update?

If HeartWatch 3 is crashing on start on iOS 11, this is caused by HealthKit permissions not being correctly updated when you upgraded to iOS 11. This can be fixed by deleting the HeartWatch iPhone app, rebooting both the iPhone and Apple Watch and then re-installing and going through the setup process in the HeartWatch iPhone app. More info... 

Problems with the Watch App?

If you are experiencing problems with HeartWatch watch app, then this is likely due to a corrupt install process. This can be fixed by removing the app from your watch, rebooting and then re-installing. More info... 

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