HeartWatch Reviews.

"HeartWatch is so good, you’d think Apple built the app itself."

"HeartWatch, intentionally or not, is a showcase of what the Apple Watch can do when its metrics are used correctly."

"HeartWatch is a much better iPhone app for checking your heart rate readings"

"For both monitoring and tracking your heart rate, HeartWatch provides a great array of features and data."

"Promoting health and fitness is a great use for the watch, and HeartWatch is particularly helpful. The accompanying iPhone app is well designed and can display lots of heart health statistics, most of which are easily readable thanks to clever graphics."

"Heartwatch 2 for iOS – My favourite Apple Watch App just got a massive update."

"The app that could save your life"

Top 5 in Health & Fitness in over 40 countries. No. 1 in 15 countries!

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  • "This is the best app I have ever used since apps were first invented." - Draustin46
  • "Terrific update to a hugely useful app!" - Hiro P
  • "...Loads super quick (probably faster than native Watch Apps) on the watch." - iPravda
  • "Truly useful. Sleep analysis best at this time…giving restlessness (like other apps) and heart rate range. Very nicely done complication on Watch." - Tigmd99
  • "THIS is what the watch was designed for. Amazing app!" - Photo_op
  • "This app just got a great update, the one and only app that actually has this functionality using the Apple Watch heart rate monitor, I would recommend it to all..." - Burn617
  • "This is the kind of data I want from my watch. The ability to drill down into the day and actually get a feel for what my heart is doing. Apple's health app is useless compared to HeartWatch." - Jei