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All new HeartWatch 4 available 20 March. 

It's a free update to all existing HeartWatch customers. 

What's New in HeartWatch 3.5.3?

iOS 12, WatchOS 5, Watch 4 and more.
  • Full support for the new Watch 4 screen sizes plus various improvements to the design and under the cover workings of the Watch app. 
  • New complications for the Watch 4 Infograph faces. 
    • Supports bezel, corner and circular. 
    • The info display will reflect the current chosen Watch face in HeartWatch app. 
      • If you are on Regular or Sedentary face the complication will show the regular or sedentary average. 
      • If you are on any other face, the complication will show the latest heart rate reading. 
      • You can customise this in the Watch app settings. 
  • Fix to add haptic tap on Pulse face after 5 readings when Watch screen dims. 
  • Fix to show notes indicator on iPhone X and Xs series. 
  • Tidied up font size on help. 
  • The next major update will be later this year. This will include many new features. 

What's New in HeartWatch 3.5.2?

Just one fix in this one. 
  • Fix for incessant haptic alerts after using the live pulse feature. Sorry about that!

What's New in HeartWatch 3.5.1?

This one's a small update to HeartWatch 3.5. 
  • I got an iPhone X and decided that some of the graphs could be a bit bigger. So now they are. 
  • Some people were reporting that workouts took too long to save or didn't save. There's not many things in life more annoying than being robbed of a workout. So the save process is now re-written to save in the background and then notify you when it has finished. 
  • Fixed a bug where export didn't work on the heart view of the dashboard. 
  • Fixed a bug that didn't show forecast move and stand goals when you touch activity or stand ring in the dashboard. 
  • Fixed a crash when saving Tim's photo to your camera roll.
  • Fixed speed of calorie update in Watch workout. 
  • Removed the 90% upper HR limit when starting a recovery. 
  • Skating workout now uses cycling distance. 
  • Added a new advanced setting that lets you set the percentage HR threshold for reporting on two minute recovery sessions. Any recovery session that starts with a heart rate percentage less than this value will be ignored. The default is 65%. 

What was new in HeartWatch 3.5?

Hello everyone! Thanks for downloading this latest update. It has some super new features and some minor updates for iOS 11 & WatchOS 4 support.

Here's what's new in 3.5:

Workouts - Watch App

Seventy Workout Types.

There are many more workout types supported both in the HeartWatch Watch app and in the iPhone app. Seventy! Seven. Zero. That's a lot. 

When you press Start, you now go to a list of workouts that you have marked as favourites:

Workout Types

You can either touch one of your favourites to start the workout, or scroll using the crown or your finger to select more outdoor or more indoor workouts. 

Workout Faves

When you select a workout from the "More Workouts" option, this displays a panel where you can start the workout, fave and start the workout, or just change the fave setting and go back. The fave switch setting will add or remove the workout from your initial favourites list. 

Thanks go to my friend Quentin for providing the language translations for all the workouts. Check out his awesome app Streaks here. He won an Apple Design Award. But if you've met him you already know this. 😜

Note: Swimming workouts are supported in the iPhone app but they are not supported in the Watch app. The built in Watch app is good for swimming as you are most likely just going to lock the Watch until you are finished and not be watching your heart rate as you swim as it's a bit hard to do this! And you might drown. I don't want you to drown. I have more apps coming. 

Custom Haptic Heart Rate Alerts.

A tremendous number of requests for this one! You can now either use the default zonal light tap alerts or set your own custom minimum and maximum alerts. Not only this, but the high alert is now three very prominent long taps and is hard to miss even when running. It's like being kissed on the back of the wrist by a raspberry blowing baby with wind. The low alert is five quick taps. There is also a light tap when you re-enter your chosen range. To prevent more taps than a boutique brewery, these alerts have a 3% threshold before activation. 

Workout Zones

You can change modes at any time during your workout. Just touch the haptic icon in the top left corner. When custom alerts are active, you will see them drawn onto the Watch face. 

New Display Modes.

You can now tap the (larger and brighter - I do listen honest!) bpm reading to toggle it between bpm & percent of maximum heart rate. 

Workout Modes

On the metrics display bar the distance now shows to two decimal places and you can also display km or mile pace.

Two Minute Recovery Test.

When you end a workout, as long as you are currently in the green or yellow zones (60-80%), you can take a two minute recovery test in a controlled environment rather than the Watch just automatically doing this in a less controlled way. 

You can use this feature in any workout, but the best results will be performing this test after moderate cardio workouts, such as jogging, treadmill, stationery bike etc. etc. High intensity workouts can take longer to recover from so keep this in mind when considering your results. 

What this does is calculate the drop in your heart rate from when the test began to a point two minutes later. This is known as your recovery heart rate. Research has shown that this is a great measure of cardio respiratory fitness. By capturing this in a controlled environment, you can monitor improvements in your heart fitness over time. 

To perform a two minute recovery test, force touch the workout screen and then choose the recovery option. This will end the workout and start a 2 minute recovery test. 


Now all you need to do is lie down or sit down (keep it consistent) and do nothing but relax for two minutes. Think relaxing thoughts. Close your eyes in case you see something in the gym that raises your heart rate or makes you laugh out loud. When the time is up, the Watch will tap you. Now press Save to end and save the workout. 

Note: You can force touch the recovery screen if you went into this option by accident or decide that you want to resume your workout. You probably thought I should make it automatically save. I thought about this for a while, but you just never know. Someone is going to email me if I do this. 

You will receive a star rating for your heart rate recovery. Yes, finally I get to give you guys a star rating. Here's what they mean:
  • ★★★★★ : Drop >= 66 bpm. Amazing! Your heart is very healthy indeed! Your physical age is a lot less than your biological age. You are a bit of a god / goddess. 
  • ★★★★ : Drop 59-65 bpm. Great result. Your physical age is moderately less than your biological age. You probably look good in lycra. 
  • ★★★ : Drop 53-58 bpm. A good result. Your physical age is a little less then your biological age. Nice going. 
  • ★★ : Drop 22-52 bpm. Your physical age is about the same as your biological age. If you are under 100 this is likely perfectly acceptable. 
  • : Drop 15-21 bpm. Not so great. Your physical age is greater than your biological age. But the positive side here is that there is plenty of scope for improvement. 
  • 😱 : Drop < 15 bpm. This is really not good. 

We'll get into the iPhone app Workout improvements below, but you can review your recovery drop progress for the workout when you touch the workout badge. Of particular interest from a heart health perspective is the drop in the first minute. A decrease of 12 beats or less has been linked with a greater chance of mortality is the following 6 years due to heart problems. 

NOTE: There is an advanced setting that you can turn on in HeartWatch settings (the red cog in top right corner), select Advanced and you can enable automatic recovery tracking using the inbuilt WatchOS 4 feature. This will let you track recovery, even if you use the built in Apple Workout app. If you do enable this, please keep in mind that you should be still for two minutes after your workout to achieve meaningful results. 

Crown Activated Timers. 

The HeartWatch workout app has dual interval timers. These are useful for timing periods during your workout. For example, the time between sets and the time between exercises. You set a timer by switching into timer mode (just press duration), then touching the timer that you want to use. 

The dual timers can now be started via a new digital crown gesture that we invented. It is called a crown swipe. It is incredible convenient and easy to use. 

Crown Swipe

  1. Place the tip of your finger on the digital crown. 
  2. Roll upwards until you feel a bump. This is roughly under your knuckle.
  3. The view mode changes to the timer and the left timer automatically starts. 
If you want to use the right timer, then simply reverse the procedure. That is, start from just until the knuckle and swipe downwards. 

When the timer completes you will get a notification and a haptic alert. 

Force Touch to End. You were right. 

Yes, force touch to end a workout is back. Most people seem to prefer this to swiping. So it is back. You can also swipe if you prefer that method too. But yes, that bump is satisfying. 

Workouts - iPhone App 

Yes. Seventy Workout Types.

Whether the workout was captured using the HeartWatch Watch workout feature, or any other workout app that support Apple Health you will now see the correct description of your workout. 

Brand New Shiny Workout View.

Well, there must have been over a hundred requests for more info for workouts. The most popular was to see zonal breakdowns by workout rather than just the summary across multiple workouts. Then, loads of requests to see calories and distance and a bit more info on the heart rate graph. Well it's all here and more!
HeartWatch iPhone app workouts
When you touch a workout heart rate badge on your vitals tab, there is now an extended workout display. 

This includes the average heart rate & zonal percent, a break down of time in each zone, your two minute recovery results, energy burned, with an intensity rating in calories per hour, the distance covered and the speed or pace in any metric of your choice. e.g. mile pace, km pace, 1500m pace, 400m pace etc. 

The workout heart rate graph has been made larger and changed to a scatter plot instead of a bar chart. This lets you see the colour keyed zonal plots on percent max scale. If you chose to set a custom haptic zone in the Watch app, the max and min will also be overlaid. 

Finally, the slide rule scroller values are re-calibrated for legibility and the time stamp of the reading now goes to the second. The presentation format also changes slightly if you performed a two minute recovery test allowing you to see the time into the test and the drop value. 

On the calendar view you will find a new section for Recovery. 

Sedentary Heart Rate 

Oooh. A New Badge!

If you have an Apple Watch Series 1, 2 or 3 (but not the original "classic" - sorry) then there's a nice new metric that Apple has added into the heart rate data. 

If a background heart rate reading was captured when you have been sedentary for a period of five minutes or more then it is flagged as a sedentary heart rate readings. Though background heart rate readings are only ever captured when you are not moving, you may have been active a minute earlier and this could lead to a slightly elevated reading.

So there's a new badge in HeartWatch. Sedentary Heart Rate. This is a subset of the Regular Heart Rate section and only includes the readings where you have been sedentary for five minutes or longer. 

So, where the Regular section shows all of the readings where you were not moving, working out or sleeping, this filters things a little bit further. 


This lets you further isolate your day so that you can see elevated readings that are not influenced by activity. Rather they will be due to some other stressor.

The Watch App

The Regular Badge can now be tapped to toggle between Regular and Sedentary heart rate. 

Sedentary Watch

This then changes the menu option as well as the modular large complication which will then show the sedentary average and min max range along with the latest reading the Watch has taken (which is still shown regardless of classification). 

The iPhone App

There's a new badge that appears on your Vitals tab. 
Sedentary iPhone
This is an interesting example. Note the elevated readings. We know they aren't from any activity. They are actually a result of sitting in the sun when eating lunch! 

You'll also find a new sedentary section in your calendar view, the min max graph also now uses sedentary if available. Finally, the dashboard tab now shows regular bpm on the rings dashboard and sedentary bpm on the heart dashboard if available. 


Quick Measure & Note.

You can now Force Touch any of the HeartWatch watch faces to take you directly into the Add Measure or Add Note dictation panels. The first time you use this to add a measure you will receive the hints display. The next time, the hints will no longer be displayed. 

Quick Add

Quick measure lets you speak measurements into the Apple Health database. Measurements include:
  • Weight: Say "ninety two point five kilograms" or "two hundred and three pounds". 
  • Blood Pressure: Say "one twenty over eighty".
  • Body Temperature: Say "ninety eight point six degrees" or "thirty seven degrees". This will auto determine Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Blood Sugar: Say "Sugar seventy" or "Sugar five point one". This will auto determine mg/dl or mmol/L.
  • Caffeine: Say "Fifty milligrams caffeine".
  • Body Fat: Say "fifteen percent".
In other news, the European comma that is used as a decimal point is now supported. I still think you guys should get rid of that though. It looks terrible. Really it does. 

Watch App Reliability.

Lots of improvements under the covers. Crown navigator will always work. Workout saving is much clearer. And lots more.  

And More.

Lots of polishing, tidying up display etc. etc..  And support for that new iPhone coming soon too. 

Even More Soon

So Many Requests!

There are many more updates planned. If your request didn't make this update, don't panic! It has not been forgotten. If you are outraged about thisplease email us. More customer votes for features influences the schedule. Greater than 12 week calendar, Chinese, Japanese, Voice Over and female characters are very high on the list though. 


You are awesome

Thanks for continuing to support & use HeartWatch. As always, please email us to let us to let us know what you'd like to see and if you need any help.  

If you're enjoying the app, please press the button at the bottom of the "More" tab and leave an updated review. It helps a lot!

Version History

HeartWatch 3.2

HeartWatch 3.1