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What's New in HeartWatch 3.2?

Hello everyone! Thanks for downloading this latest update. It's more a maintenance update than adding much in the way of new features this time around. The new stuff will be in the next update. So stay tuned for this.

Here's what's new in 3.2:

iPhone App

Export is back.

Oops, that took a bit longer than it should have done. The free trial is now extended until further notice. If you press the export banner in the "More" tab it will now show you how to find it too.

Waking heart rate.

The waking heart rate section has been tweaked a bit to work better with AutoSleep and for those people that don't want to take a waking pulse. It also elegantly handles naps. It's much better. 

Workout heart rate.

The workout heart rate now includes the time spent in each zone in the summary graph below the workout badges..

Workout cooldown window.

There was a slight bug with the ten minute post workout exclusion zone when a workout was shorter than ten minutes. This is fixed.

AutoSleep button.

The Get AutoSleep button made a small number of people very angry. Bummer as it's such an awesome app that improves with every update - just wait until you see the next one! So, if you have no interest in tracking sleep automatically, you can remove this button. 

Watch App

Ending workouts & sleep.

A small number of people experienced the end sleep and end workout buttons stop responding to input. This has been fixed by removing force touch support and edge swipes. 

To end workouts, you now swipe up on the watch face from the centre of the screen.

Average bpm in workouts.

The average zone indicator is now much more prominent on the workout zone gauge. The average bpm is now also displayed below the latest bpm. 


You are awesome

Thanks for continuing to support & use HeartWatch. As always, please email us to let us to let us know what you'd like to see and if you need any help.  

Finally, as reviews get cleared every new update, if you're enjoying the app, please press the button at the bottom of the "More" tab and leave an updated review. It helps a lot!

Version History

HeartWatch 3.1