Quick Start Guide

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If you are new to Apple Watch or HeartWatch and find there's a lot to take in, here's some pointers:

The Basics

At the bottom of the HeartWatch iPhone app is a tab bar. On the left is your vitals information which covers the heart and sleep information. On the right is activity focussed information. In the centre is the dashboard which brings everything together at various summary levels.

Where to Start

If you read through the vitals tab section by section, touching the badges as you go, it will explain what everything means and what to look out for. After this, all of these data will make sense. Then do the same with the activity tab.

Deeper Details

Once you have worked through these two sections. If you require a deeper understanding then there is a useful link here.

Activity rings

These are the cornerstone of Apple's fitness metrics for the Apple Watch. If you are new to the Apple Watch, then read here for an explanation.

Bringing it all together

Once you have done this, then progress to the dashboard. By this time, you will now understand all the badges and what they mean. The dashboard lets you see different grouped views of this information over different periods of time and be able to identify trends. The top row lets you choose the timeframe. The coloured circles let you select the grouped view to study. Any gauge or badge can then be touched for an explanation and an opportunity to explore further.