"If you care about your heart rate as measured by the Watch (and you should), I recommend giving HeartWatch a try."


Heart WatchUnlock the power of your Apple Watch's heart rate sensor.

Your Apple Watch is a highly sophisticated instrument, measuring and capturing your heart rate data throughout the day.

Your iPhone's inbuilt Health App gives you an easy way to sample some of the power of this sensor, but it's a little light on detail. 

Heart Watch lets you see how your heart is beating across four simple views. Waking, Regular, Workout & Sleeping. Each of these views are isolated because, while you may want a higher heart rate during a workout, if your heart is racing when you aren't doing any exercise then this is likely not a good thing and probably something you might want to show your medical practitioner. 

Heart Watch gives you an easy solution to this. It accesses your heart rate & workout readings created by your Apple Watch and unlocks the power of this information in a simple, intuitive way. 

Peace of Mind & Everything at a Glance.
With Heart Watch you can be alerted about your heart rate without even needing to launch the app. Set which irregularities you want to know about, get reminded to check how your day has gone and even get a useful summary about your waking heart rate.

When you do go into the app, you'll see clear easy to read colour keyed tiles which let you see everything at a glance. You can touch any of them and quickly view areas of concern. 

See as Little or as Much as You Want.
With different presentation for regular and workout readings and an easy way to zoom in or out of all the detail you need, Heart Watch gives a complete picture of all your heart rate data. 

Monitor your Workouts. Monitor your Health.
Whether you want to monitor your heart rate zones when working out, or just want a birds eye view of your heart health, Heart Watch has you covered. 

"HeartWatch is an extremely helpful new app which provides the heart rate data collected through the Health App while wearing your Apple Watch."  

"HeartWatch app makes sense of Apple Watch heart rate data."