CareWatch is an Apple Watch app aimed at people that suffer from POTS or have a specific need to be alerted when heart rate goes above or drops below a set bpm.

iPhone App
The iPhone app is used for sending and receiving alerts. 

Watch App
The Watch can either be used with the Watch's inbuilt sensor and will monitor heart rate at roughly 5 second intervals, or, a chest strap can be connected to the Watch using bluetooth, in this case it will monitor every second. 

Note that using the Watch's inbuilt sensor will have an impact on battery life. Testing has shown around 12 hours of continuous use on a Series 2 Apple Watch. Using a chest strap does not have an impact on battery life. 

There are three choices for the alert:

You set a threshold value for consecutive heart rate readings. If the heart rate jumps by a value greater than this threshold then an alert is triggered. For example, if you set the threshold to 30, then if the heart rate was 80 and 5 seconds later jumped to over 110 then an alert is triggered. 

When the heart rate exceeds a specific value. 

When the heart rate falls below a specific value. 

The alert consists of repeated haptic alerts and a 30 second countdown timer. If the "I'm OK" button is not tapped with 30 seconds then an alert is sent to anyone with the CareWatch iPhone app installed that has subscribed to the Watch owner's care card. 

User Manual

Download the App

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Chest Strap (optional)
To connect the external HR monitor to your Apple Watch:

Watch Bluetooth Settings

  1. Put the chest strap on and click the module into place via its press studs.
  2. Now, on your Watch, press the Crown to go to the menu, select Settings and then Bluetooth. 
  3. You'll see the external monitor appear in HEALTH DEVICES*.
  4. Touch this and it's now connected. You never need to this again. 
* If it doesn't appear, just exit the settings and go back in. It usually shows up the next time.